DFW Beauty Guide: Spray Can Nail Polish

Spray Can Nail Polish - Nails Inc.- DFW Beauty Guide

Nails Inc. are launching a spray-on nail polish that promises to give you a super speedy manicure. Write this one down your wishlist immediately.

The revolutionary nail polish is different than anything you have used before. It promises pigment than cannot be replicated in a regular nail polish and a faster drying time. Plus, it claims that you can paint your nails in seconds.

You’re probably wondering how the heck it works without making a mess everywhere. The secret is you apply a base coat first, or if you are lazy, you can apply it over your old manicure. You then apply the Paint Can Spray-On Nail Polish. You can follow it up with a regular top coat for a longer lasting finish. (The Paint Can Polish can last up to four days.) Finally, you rinse your hands with warm, soapy water or use a wipe to remove the excess polish on your fingers and cuticles. Voila, you are left with a perfect manicure.

Nails Inc. Paint Can Spray-On Nail Polish comes in two colors: Shoreditch Lane, a silver, and Hoxton Market, a bold pink. I’m sure we can expect there to be a full rainbow collection in no time. The bad news is that that the spray-on polish isn’t launching in the US until spring 2016 but if you happen to be in the UK, it launches on November 12th, and you can pre-order it now. It costs £10 (approximately $15), which is actually a bit cheaper than the majority of Nails Inc.’s other nail polishes.

Nails Inc. are known for their innovative products. They are the geniuses behind NailKale, and a variety of different nail polish effects including concrete, leather, flowers and even cotton candy. Plus, they collaborated with It girl Alexa Chung. Remember the fabric-inspired nail polish collection? She also stars in the ads for the Paint Can Spray-On Nail Polish.

Even if you’re an expert at DIY manicures, you would never be able to replicate what the Paint Can Polish can do in the same amount of time. The promise of getting an even and opaque nail polish application in a few minutes is enough reason to try it out. Plus, who doesn’t want to try a fun spray-on formula? Just remember to wear short sleeves cover the area you’re working in, unless you want to add some graffiti to your bathroom counter.

Check out the Nails Inc. website to see more about the Paint Can Spray-On Nail Polish.