DFW Beauty Chat: Lisa Pineiro

Lisa Pineiro - DFW Beauty Guide

Name & Age:

Lisa Pineiro, 47

Professional Title:

Founder, Glotrition

Short Bio:

Former news anchor and medical correspondent. Most recently, I anchored the morning show for CBS11 and then hosted The Broadcast on KTXD, both in DFW. Most proud of my title of Mom to four amazing sons ages 15-22. Have always had an interest in science and anti-aging. Finally put that passion to work in creating Glotrition.


Brand Story:

Glotrition is a science based beauty brand, dedicated to fighting aging from the inside out. Aging starts on the inside with free radical damage, cellular death and collagen loss. We later see the effects of this damage on the outside with wrinkles, discoloration and loss of firmness. To see real results, we have to treat both the cause AND the effects of aging. Our products are sold in systems. The Glotrition Collagen Boosting System is our first. It started with our Collagen Boosting Drink Mix, REPLENISH. The second step, is our Age Defying Topical Treatment, REGENERATE, due to release this month. 

Lisa Pineiro - Glotrition Dallas - DFW Beauty Guide

What are some of your favorite skincare regimens?

Obsessed with the “Best Facial Ever” at Hiatus Spa and the Skin Firming treatment at Advanced Skin Fitness in Dallas.

What inspired you to create Glotrition?

My love of science and seeing a wide gap in the marketplace. I set out to do two things.

First, I wanted to create a “clinically effective” line of products that contain the correct amount of active ingredients. So many products today make claims about containing this ingredient or that ingredient, but do they contain enough to see results?

With Glotrition, the answer is YES!

Second, I wanted offer a simple system that addressed both the cause and the effects of aging. I call it 2 steps to gorgeous!

Describe your brand in the 3 words:

Simple Systemic Skincare.

What's on the horizon for your brand in the near future?

The second step of our Collagen Boosting System is set to launch this month!

I truly believe that...

 “Growing old is a privilege. Aging is optional."