DFW Beauty Guide: ZAPSPA

DFW Beauty Guide: ZapSpa

Taking care of yourself and your honey-do-list is typically the last priority on the daily agenda. The value of time is pivotal and also irretrievable so the selfless thought of being pampered can become more of an inconvenience rather than a luxury, but, what if I told you that a simple haircut is now a possibility not a complexity... Enter ZAPSPA, a newly launched mobile app currently servicing the Dallas area and rapidly expanding, is the Uber of same day service related to both beauty and wellness.

After discovering the lack of on-demand services in a market driven industry, ZAPSPA ingeniously combined technology and mobility and with just a few zaps, a home and or office can be transformed into a luxurious spa setting. The app was designed specifically to accommodate the work consumed executive that can’t seem to fit a haircut into his busy schedule and for the super mommy unable to break away for a mini makeover.

ZAPSPA offers a variety of affordable services that cater to women, men, and children which include: blowouts, haircuts, hair color, makeup application, massages and spray tanning. Each service is performed by a licensed and adequately trained professional who is functional and fully equipped to service needs per your request. ZAPSPA has implemented a cashless and convenient system so once you’ve created your profile on the app you will then be prompted to add a credit card. This feature allows you to pre-pay and tip as well at the end of your service. In addition to choosing a service, you have the option to view an image of each professional and select them based on a referral and or current reviews. Utilizing the ZAPSPA app also tremendously cuts down on travel expenses and commuting, eliminates scheduling conflicts, and enables a work / life balance.

Based on my own personal experience, ZAPSPA is a highly recommended in-home service, I successfully downloaded the app, and within 5 minutes I was registered. Post registration I scrolled through each service and opted the 50 minute Swedish massage as a surprise for my husband who has succumbed to recurring back pain from working in a labor intensive field. Andrea Kennedy, a massage therapist with over 20 years of experience arrived bright and early on a Sunday morning with a warm smile exuding mounds of positive energy. She took approximately 15 minutes to set up her table, mix her potions, and play soothing classical selections, creating a very relaxing environment. Once she assessed trigger points, acknowledged our expectations, and retrieved the intake form, my husband experienced a little piece of heaven right in our front living room.

Afterwards, he inquired about the cost (shocking since he practices the art of frugality), and the good news is we’ll be seeing Andrea on a more consistent basis; bad news is my online shopping allowance has been reallocated. So as you can see, it doesn’t always have to be about you, ZAPSPA’s services also make for a great gift for someone in need of a little TLC. It is rare to be gifted with the ultimate pampering experience within the comfort of your own home; ZAPSPA is delivering the salon to you.

Kristin McIntyre Style Editor

Kristin McIntyre

Style Editor