DFW Beauty Guide: WeYogis


Last month, we took you on a tour of our favorite places in Dallas that can help you jumpstart your best year yet. From surfboard cardio to fresh-pressed juice, DFW Beauty Guide hopes to have reinvigorated your approach to health and happiness in 2015.

We're continuing the healthy journey throughout the year, and every Tuesday we'll have a feature to keep you moving in the right direction. WeYogis, one of the best yoga studios Dallas is an awesome way to start this "Transformation Tuesday"!

WeYogis is an ideal place to start for yoga novices. With a contemporary approach and non-intimidating environment, WeYogis feels modern and inclusive upon first arriving. WeYogis has two studios, a bevy of skilled instructors, and a whole list of classes to choose from. It’s safe to say that any and everyone who’d like to like to participate at WeYogis can find a class to fit their age range, yoga experience level, and busy schedule. Yoga for kids? Check. Prenatal yoga? You bet. And speaking of moms and kids, one of the greatest aspects of this studio, and what largely sets it apart from others in our area, is that it offers childcare while parents are in class.

If you’re a yoga skeptic, I’ll tell you that I used to be one of them, but the class I took at WeYogis was a different experience – no chanting, no aggressive, synchronized breathing that tempts me to laugh. The Yogis Power Hour was fast paced and engaged every muscle in my body. Even though I wasn’t running or lifting weights, when the class was over, I felt that I was sweaty and sore enough to have come from an intense gym session, which I liked. Another thing I liked about this studio was the infared heat. This specialized heating system does not make it “hot yoga” per se, but keeps the studios comfortably warm so you can stretch further, faster.

So by all means, if you’re looking to mix up your workout routine, take yoga at WeYogis. Practicing yoga is said to enhance your overall wellness, increase longevity, and (best of all) help manage stress. Added benefits include flexibility, Zen, and yoga pants.

Check out the schedule and class descriptions HERE!