DFW Beauty Guide: Snap Kitchen


Thanks to Snap Kitchen, fast food is no longer synonymous with greasy burgers and chemical-ridden milkshakes. In April 2010, restaurant veterans Matt Reinhart and Andrea Hinsdale founded Snap Kitchen to meet the food needs of their families. The mission of Snap Kitchen is to provide healthy, flavorful, and convenient take-away food that is handmade daily. At Snap, you’ll find a carefully curated wall of food items - everything from a glazed salmon fillet, to green juice, to a pre-workout granola bar. What you won’t find? Pre-packaged, processed, and globe-trotted foods.

Snap Kitchen is the perfect solution for people with busy schedules who don’t have the time to cook a well-rounded dinner. All packaged meals are portion controlled, which not only aids many in maintaining a diet, but also helps to cut down on large amounts of food waste. Snap is an easy go-to for those who have restrictive food allergies. 98% of the menu items are gluten free, and each package is carefully labeled to indicate the items that are dairy-free, vegan, paleo, etc. Other aspects of Snap that we love include their preference for local ingredients, recyclable packaging, efforts towards sustainability, and the fact that at the end of the day they donate their leftover food to homeless shelters.

When I went to Snap Kitchen last month, I visited with Snap Kitchen Dallas’ registered dietitian, Daniel Magoon. Each city with a Snap Kitchen – Austin, Houston, and Dallas – employs a highly trained dietitian to help customers design eating plans and meet their health goals. Dallas’ registered dietitian has a background in the psychology behind food – i.e. understanding and changing the way a child feels about broccoli. Daniel’s health mantra is “healthy not skinny,” which we at DFW Beauty Guide couldn’t agree with more.

To get healthy in the New Year, Daniel’s first bit of advice is to understand that diets don’t work. Getting healthy is about committing to a lifestyle change. Daniel suggests prioritizing hydration, being mindful of the food you are ingesting, and listening to internal hunger cues. In terms of beauty, and the health of your hair, skin, and nails, Daniel has a few suggestions for working from the inside out. Foods that are good for your skin include turmeric, walnuts, cucumber, tomatoes and olive oil. Walnuts increase skin elasticity, cucumbers are hydrating and reduce inflammation, tomatoes act as natural sunscreen, and olive oil balances out oil production.

DFW Beauty Guide's Picks!

Easy Greens Juice – Packed full of fruits and vegetables that are great for your skin, and a little more sip-able than the Super Greens juice

Energy Boost Juice – A tropical combo of papaya, watermelon, lime, mint and coconut water

Snap War Bar – Made with nuts, quinoa, dates, and seeds, this is the perfect pre-workout energy bar

Turkey Chili – If you’re dairy free, dress this chili up with a fried egg on top, it’s a great lunch go-to

Ginger Glazed Scottish Salmon – A clean, filling, and tasty fish fillet that’s ideal for dinner

Visit Snap Kitchen online to learn about curbside meal pickup, home delivery, juice programs, the Snap Commit eating plan, or to get a nutritional health assessment from Snap’s local registered dietitian. Also – head to Daniel Magoon’s Instagram, @dmagoo, to get a first hand look at his “Snap-hacks.” These are creative adjustments to pre-existing Snap meals to insure you are never bored of your go-to dish. One of his most popular hacks? Add a shot of Snap Black Coffee to the Chai Cashew “Milkshake” and pour it over ice, for a refreshing, caffeinated, and dairy-free coffee drink.