DFW Beauty Guide: GEM Juice Bar


So you've made those New Year resolutions, but are you sticking to them? If you've vowed to do something along the lines of “get healthy,” or “lose weight,” this year, keep in mind that ingesting good food is part of that commitment. While many think that going to the gym a few days a week is enough to reach your health and fitness goals for the year, in most cases, that’s not going to make much of a difference if that’s all your doing. Instead of spinning your wheels at the gym and getting nowhere, first look critically at what you are putting in your body – it is an easier (and faster) way feel better internally, and in turn, look better externally. 

If the state of your health has you feeling overwhelmed, one of the best ways to get back on nutritional track is through drinking organic, cold-pressed juice. As it turns out, juice is the best way to get your recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables. When ingesting fruits and veggies in the form of juice, your body doesn't have to work as hard to break down the bulky material component. Thus, you can quickly absorb the juice’s natural vitamins, phytonutrients, and enzymes. As for other amazing benefits of drinking fresh-pressed juice regularly? Expect weight loss, reduced unhealthy food cravings, a clear complexion, and increased energy.

Intrigued? Head over to our juice bar of choice – The GEM – located in Preston Center at 6030 Luther Lane. Not only do we love their glam tagline, “diamonds on the inside,” but everything on their menu, from the juice to the salad, is downright delicious. The GEM was opened by health-conscious Dallasites, and juice alchemists, Mary Kathryn Bass and Leslie Needleman. Bass and Needleman are committed to crafting recipes that are not only highly nutritional, but approachable and tasty, too. At The GEM, juicing is more than a passing trend, but the key to leading a healthy, happy life. Head over to The GEM today, open from 7:30 am to 2:30pm Monday through Saturday, for a fresh juice, a filling smoothie, or to sign up for a toxin-eradicating juice cleanse. We don’t know about you, but The GEM keeps us feeling bright and shiny even when it’s cold and dreary out.

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