DFW Beauty Guide: City Surf Fitness

dfw city surf dallas

Bored of cycling but enjoy the group fitness environment? Check out City Surf Fitness in uptown Dallas for an intense, hour-long workout that is the first of its kind. City Surf is an innovative, surf-inspired fitness boutique, founded in the spirit of the surfer dude. City Surf offers a handful of classes, from Beach Body Bootcamp to Big Kahuna, all of which recreate the kind of workout you’d get while actually surfing.  

While you won’t be in the water during class, you will be atop a surfboard 80 – 85% of the time. The City Surf studio in Dallas is home to 10 surfboards, each secured to two exercise balls with cords. When you’re on the board, it naturally shifts around on the exercise balls underneath to mimic the movement of the board while riding waves. As if the surfboard didn’t transport you to the beach fast enough, a video loop of crashing waves is projected on the walls of the space during class for a completely immersive experience.

At City Surf, most people have little to no surfing experience. Not surprisingly, you can expect to be doing surf-inspired actions during class, such as paddling, pop-ups, and carving. Each of the six classes are different programs but work on the same principles. Regardless of the class you choose, it will include cardio elements and strength training. With regular City Surf training, people see increased flexibility, endurance, and agility. Overall, class at City Surf is fun, relaxed, and enjoyable, but physically challenging.

Currently, there only 10 boards available per class at City Surf. It is suggested that beginners should start out with a class either taught by Mitchell or Katherine, but that being said, all classes are beginner friendly. Be sure to reserve your board in advance online to get the class and time that you want. You can either purchase one class for $15 or a pack of 10 classes for $130. So what are you waiting for? Get your board and paddle out to the only place in Dallas where the surf’s up!