DFW Beauty Guide: DIY Bath Recipes for Winter Skin

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The holidays. Everyone’s favorite time of year filled with family, food, fireplaces, and chunky knit sweaters. Other holiday season landmarks? Dry, dehydrated skin, familial strife, and end-of-the-year stress. This year, before you push yourself to a breaking point, depend on some of these clever (and easy!) DIY bath recipes for an instantly rejuvenating experience. Don’t have the extra cash to spend on a spa day? These recipes are your salvation. Pour one of these baths, dim the lights, turn on Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite, and soon you’ll be miles away from reality.

1. Lavender Bath

When the water stops running, add 5-8 drops of lavender essential oil. Keep in mind that unless the essential oil is high quality, it will have no physical effect on you other than smelling like lavender. A lavender bath will help with stress relief, and ease topical maladies such as rashes, burns, and bug bites.

2. Olive Oil Bath

As the water runs, add three tablespoons of olive oil. It’s no coincidence that ancient civilizations relied heavily on this rich carrier oil. Soak in an olive oil bath if your skin is particularly weather beaten, for the oil will hydrate the skin and leave it looking supple and smooth.

3. Milk Bath

This recipe works best with powdered milk – if you have it, add 2 cups to the bath as it fills (2 cups of liquid milk will work if you’re in a pinch). Milk baths are very beneficial to the skin. Cleopatra herself even soaked in a goat’s milk bath every day! (To read more, visit our post on the beauty secrets of the ancient Egyptians). If your skin is dry and flakey, then this is the recipe for you. The lactic acid in milk makes skin smooth, and helps to dissolve dead skin cells.

4. Honey Bath

Add one cup of honey to the bath as it is filling. Honey is another beauty secret of ancient Egyptians, as it is cleansing, moisturizing, and antibacterial. A honey bath is good for all kinds of winter skin. This combination of honey and water will soften, moisturize, and even pull toxins out of the skin.

5. Green Tea Bath

As the bath fills, let 5-10 green tea bags steep in the water. Everyone knows that green tea is packed with antioxidants – but did you know that you can reap the same anti-aging and detoxifying benefits while steeping yourself in the tea as you can from drinking it? That’s right! Soak in a green tea bath for restored skin that is youthful and cleansed of pollutants.