DFW Beauty Guide: 5 DIY Holiday Hairstyles

Hark the herald angels sing – holiday party season has arrived! I’m always tempted to buy the novelty clothing that hits the racks this time of year, but I always regret my purchases come January 2nd. While this tendency has left me with sequined harem pants (and other odd things) hanging in my closet, starting your bank account off on the right foot in the New Year is also important … or so they say. This year, instead of breaking the bank with an expensive outfit you’ll only wear once a holiday season, replace that annual sequin-harem-pant-purchase with a free, eye-catching hairdo. 

In early November, I attended a style session hosted by Fave4 and featuring beauty expert, Jessica Scantlin (known on instagram as @jesssouthern). During the two hours of live demonstrations, Scantlin covered three different holiday hairstyles, and how to achieve them with the right tools and Fave4 products. Scantlin cautioned at the beginning of the session that her signature look is voluminous, bedroom hair, which for the most part spring 2015 runways agree with. 

The foundational look at the style session was a head-full of messy, beachy waves. To get this kind of look, which is a useful steppingstone in crafting pretty, textured updos, you’ll need a reverse curling iron (iron is small at the base and big at the end) and Fave4 Texture Takeover hairspray. This hairspray is not sticky, but has serious hold, allowing you to maintain a loose wave for up to four days. Put Texture Takeover onto sections of dry hair, and it will feel and act like dry shampoo. To get Jessica Scantlin-approved waves, wrap sections of hair around the reverse iron, leaving a good amount of hair unwrapped at the end (up to four inches!). As you go around the head, curl pieces of hair in different directions, make some loose wraps and some tight for as much variation as possible. Curl pieces away from the face, and wiggle the curler as you are working with these face-framing pieces so they don’t look too overworked. At the end, brush out the curls that are too defined for a sexy, disheveled wave that is sure to impress any and everyone at a holiday party.

From this foundational look, Scantlin created a simple Celtic knot (also known as a pretzel knot). This look can be hard to do on your own hair, so you might need a friend’s help.

See the tutorial online to best understand the steps.

Make this hairstyle even more festive with a bit of sparkle. Charmsies are iron-on sequins for your hair. Adhere a few onto your strands before pulling it back into the Celtic knot for a mesmerizing effect.

Taking a cue from our 2015 hair guide, interesting braids are appropriate in any social situation. This romantic, messy braid from the Barefoot Blonde resembles Mara Hoffman’s spring 2015 runway look. To get the look, you can begin with the beachy hair foundational look above, or with unbrushed, air dryed hair. Spray a dry shampoo on for a matte, dry texture, then divide hair into three sections. Secure the center back section with an elastic, then braid it however you choose, and tie it off at the end. Starting on the right side, wrap this loose section around the base elastic and pin with bobby pins. Do the same on the left side. Gently pull pieces out at the front to frame the face, and finish the look by spraying hairspray into your hand and softly patting the surface of the hair. Rough up the braid or fishtail by brushing it backwards with a (new) dry toothbrush. A messy braid is the perfect home for DIY hair accessories. Have a sprig of holly, a stem of pine needles, or a few inches of tinsel on hand? Pin or weave it through your hair!

If you love how chignons look, but have always been too intimidated by the bobby pin bonanza and hair manhandling, then this tutorial is for you. Start by flipping your ponytail inside out – remember that trick? To do this, make a loose ponytail, then take the tail and put it through the center of the hair just above the base elastic. Tighten the elastic a bit, then loosely braid the tail and secure at the bottom with another elastic. Pull the end of the braid through the twist above the first elastic, wrapping it around until the shape becomes bun-like. Secure the bun with bobby pins and spray with hairspray.

For a step-by-step photo tutorial.

Go all Russian ballerina and add a thick, knotted headband to the mix. If you don’t want to spend the money on a bejeweled headband, create the same look with a square, silk scarf. Make a square knot in the center of the scarf, place the knot on your hairline in the center, then wrap the scarf around your head, over your ears, and tie the scarf at the nape of the neck. Pin the scarf in place if necessary.

Compared to the braided chignon above, this French twist is a bit messier and pulls the hair (and face) up and back. Like the Celtic knot, the how-to is hard to describe, so check out the video tutorial here.

If your hair is fine or slippery, be sure to texturize your hair with dry shampoo before you try the twist. This hairstyle is elegant, looks complicated, and can dress up any basic holiday ensemble. Take the feminine style to the next level with decorative hairpins. Either use a few pins to secure the twist itself, or tack them on the side of your head for maximum visibility.

If leftover tinsel isn’t going to cut it, here are some additional lust-worthy accessories to up your hair game:

Jewel Blush Headband

Crystal Queen Crown

Pave Antlers Headband