DFW Beauty Guide: Metallic Hair!

metallic hair - dfw beauty guide

Gold and silver lovers, rejoice: you can finally give your hair the same kind of cool, shimmery glow that all your gorgeous jewelry has. A London salon called Hari’s is offering what they call “New Metallics,” making beauty fanatics’ dreams of getting a metallic dye job that much closer to fruition.

Mel Halacoglu, senior colorist at Hari’s, explained to Style.com how it works:

Unlike the gold and silver flecks found in some nail polishes, there is no actual metal in the dye—it’s more about the magical sheen it produces. “These aren’t just highlights that are plonked on without any thought—I call that the ‘worm’ look, where you just see squiggly wormlike lines in hair…it distresses me to see that,” she said. … Instead, she uses the balayage technique to apply the exclusive golden-honey hue … that instantly adds radiance to dull strands and warms up a pallid complexion.

So, nice quite a gold goddess or silvery ice princess look, but if you need a way to totally revamp your hair and brighten up your look, this could be a great way to do so. This would be especially great for those women who have always wanted to do something experimental and fun with their hair, but don’t feel like going over-the-top with their haircut or dyeing their locks allover purple. Of course, the treatment will cost you a pretty penny as it starts at £150 ($234 at the current exchange rate) and goes up from there.

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I am admittedly always a little skeptical of new hair trends, as they often wind up being either completely ridiculous a la the “Instagram brow” or just a basic style being worn by models on a regular basis. But this–it seems pretty accessible. Not as dramatic and dripping-in-gold as one might wish, but it is always good to see trends everyone can wear in their day-to-day.

Even if your hairdresser is not quite Rumpelstiltskin and will not be able to spin your hair to pure gold, at least you can make it look like gold! Plus, you can better match all your favorite holiday jewelry this season, right? Now you just need a pair of gold false eyelashes and the perfect party dress for making your New Year’s Eve look just right!

[h/t Style]