DFW Beauty Guide: Doni's Edit (December)

Sometimes it's hard to shop for those girls in your life who love fashion, because you wanna make sure it fits their style and that they're satisfied. I, myself, have a very a particular taste, so I usually just save people the trouble and ask for gift cards. Sometimes, I must say, it's nicer to receive a gift and have something to open. I'm sure many of you would agree, so here's a list of great stylish gifts that would be cute to gift to anyone!

Beyoncé Nail Wraps

Everyone loves Beyoncé, and these new nail wraps were released just in time to make it under the tree. These are easy to apply and there's a design for every kind of girl.

For The Starbucks Girl

Some of us (we know who we are), have an unhealthy obsession with Starbucks. We have to get our fix no matter what time of year it is. This cup is for us ladies. Even if I didn't like coffee, I'd still buy this cup because I'm obsessed with its beautiful matte black design. it gives off that "effortlessly cool" vibe. This cup is from Starbuck's holiday collection and its also available in white.

Fierce Magenta Lipstick

To say that I'm obsessed with brand is an understatement. I literally tell everyone about these lipsticks, so of course I have to tell you dolls as well! Lipstick is like an accessory for me, so when I came across Fierce Magenta on Etsy I immediately fell in love with their assortment of colors. There's a color for everyone in their shop, and these would make a great gift for any girl who enjoys a good statement lip!

Fashion Tattoos

I'm sure you've probably seen or heard about this wonderful invention called fashion tattoos. It takes temporary tattoos to a whole new level! These tats come in gold and silver in designs that are meant to look like jewelry. It's a great way to spice up any look without being weighed down by actual jewelry. The best place to get these is on Amazon or eBay, because they have a wide range of designs to choose from, but also be sure to visit flash tattoos.

Midi Rings

These have to be one of my favorite accessories, yet I lose them all the time. Midi rings are so fun to wear, especially if you're a ring person, but they're something you always could use more of. Lately stores have been selling them by the card because they understand that we need multiple. These can be found anywhere from Charming Charlie's to F21.

Mobile Cases

Everyone loves a new phone case, so this is sure to win anyone over! The online shop Skinny Dip London is great for finding cute and affordable, yet fashionable phone cases. My favorite thing is that most of their designs have a clear background so that your beautiful phone can peek through, which is a plus for us iPhone users!