DFW Beauty Guide: Holiday Comfy Style

So everyone knows that when the holidays come around, you want to be comfortable and relaxed with your family. Some of us still want to appear well put-together to show off our personal style though. So below I've listed some easy ways to stay cute and comfortable. 

Try a new hairstyle 

We all know that we feel our best when our hair looks great! Since the holidays are special days, try a new hairstyle. It's nice to mix things up! There's plenty of YouTube tutorials that can teach you simple steps that will help you create a beautiful style that fits you and your hair type. 

Play with your accessories 


One of my favorite things to do is spice up a simple look with accessories. Since we're playing off of the comfort theme, instead of using a bunch of jewelry, keep the jewelry simple and play more with scarfs and hats. It will make you look put together and effortless, while still being comfy. If the rest of your look is simple then try wearing a fun colored scarf or hat ....maybe even a patterned one. 



Wear a statement piece 

The last suggestion I have is to find one item to use as the focal point of your look, and use everything else to compliment it. The statement piece can be anything from your sweater to your shoes. The main thing to remember is less is more. Be careful when accessorizing because, you don't want too many things competing for attention in your look. You want everything to compliment each other. Also don't be afraid to be festive. Go all out! 

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We hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday, and we love you for reading!