DFW Beauty Guide: Fall/Winter Nail Treatments

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Cold weather can cause severe dryness to your hands and nails. Make sure to keep those gloves handy to keep your hands nice and warm! Maintaining your nail health is essential to a beautiful manicure.

You don’t have to be a professional nail technician to take care and achieve a glamorous manicure at home! Here are some product recommendations to help you with common nail concerns:

Oily Nails – Formula X | Nail Cleanser
An essential step in extending the life of your manicure, cleansing your nails removes invisible impurities, leaving them perfectly primed for base coat and lacquer. Cleanse is infused with witch hazel extract (a naturally effective ingredient that purifies the surface of the nail), Vitamin E (to condition nails), and invigorating cucumber extract.

Brittle Nails – Deborah Lippmann | Hard Rock Hydrating Hardener
A rock solid choice to strengthen and protect, Hard Rock encourages healthy nail growth. This quick-drying and long-lasting formula can be used as a base and top coat. With special strengthening ingredients, nails look and feel noticeably longer and stronger in a few short weeks. It’s especially beneficial for weak nails or those damaged by gel and artificial nail removal.

Peeling Nails – Julep | Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat
Coat nails with this Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat to allow oxygen to permeate the nail bed, encouraging strong, healthy nail growth. This mineral rich formula refines nail texture while hiding ridges and imperfections. It also acts as a protective base that helps color last longer and prevents it from staining your nails. Pair it with the JULEP Color Treat nail polish and Oxygen Performance Top Coat to create the ultimate long-wear system that allows nails to breathe.

Overgrown Cuticles – Formula X | Erase – AHA Cuticle Cream
This hydrating and nourishing cream brings vitality to your nail beds by removing dry, rough skin, and eliminating the need for aggressive trimming that can damage the fragile cuticle. The special formulation uses effective acid peels to exfoliate dead skin and improve the overall appearance of your nails.

Dry Cuticles – Julep | Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum
Charged with protein-peptide technology, Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum helps to transform dry and damaged cuticles overnight. This formula reduces ridges and splitting for stronger and smoother nails in two to three weeks.

What are your favorite nail treatment products or DIY home treatments for your hands and nails? Please share with us in the comment section below, I'd love to hear!