DFW Beauty Bombshell: Lisa Petty


Lisa Petty


Founder, DFW Style Daily

A little background: 

From current events reporting to celebrity interviews and television appearances, Lisa Petty’s career in journalism is varied and exciting. After contributing to the Dallas Morning News, the Dallas Observer, the San Antonio Current, NBC DFW, and NBC Universal, Lisa shifted her focus exclusively to fashion with the launch of DFW Style Daily in the Spring of 2011.In high demand as a host and expert commentator, Lisa has cultivated top-tier brand partnerships through her innovative online magazine. Past and ongoing partners include Saks Fifth Avenue, Galleria Dallas, the Dallas Vintage Clothing & Jewelry Show, Belk, Mockingbird Station, Aftershock London, Lafayette 148 New York, and Neiman Marcus. 


Beauty regimens and tips:

I will admit that I am very routine-oriented when it comes to my daily beauty schedule. I don't cut corners or skip steps when it comes to caring for my body and my skin. I cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize my face and neck both morning and evening, and I try to do a masque or similar intensive treatment once a week. It's no "secret," but the best thing you can do for your overall beauty is avoid the sun at all costs -- I'm no sun lover, and any friend of mine can attest to that fact. What do I wear to the beach? A big hat and long sleeves!

As for the real "secrets" that I'm willing to share with the world, here are a few:

  • Spend your money on great quality skin care items and foundation; colorful makeup is where to experiment with bargain finds.
  • When you brush your teeth, also brush your lips vigorously. It keeps them smooth, glowing, and plump.
  • There is no need to scrub your hair 'til it squeaks every morning. All that washing is giving you split ends! If your hairline needs a wash, but the rest of your hair is fine, just wash your hairline. It's that easy.
  • A dab of highlighting eye shadow on the inside corners of your eyes can hide a sleepless night!
  • Hate razor bumps? The key to avoiding them is as easy as shaving every single day. Between-shave growth is often the number one cause of those annoying little bumps.


What are your favorite local DFW beauty brands or beauty related services?

I am very brand-loyal, as I have built my stable of products and favorite places over the course of many years and much trial and error. I would be absolutely lost without Dr. Naila Malik's Malik MD Tinted Moisturizer and Ageless Cellular Health Day Serum. I use both products every single day, without fail. As for additional local finds, I don't know what their secret is, but a manicure from Nailicious at 3410 Oak Lawn Avenue lasts days and days longer than a manicure from anywhere else. Nailicious also offers luxury spa-quality Thai Massage and Reflexology at a very nice price.


Being the stylista you are, in your opinion, what makes the DFW stylish city?

I've been a beauty professional - did you know that I am a trained cosmetologist? - and a lifestyle and features reporter here in the Dallas area for over a decade. As such, I'm confident in saying that there is no one thing that makes Dallas/Ft.Worth "stylish." Rather, it's the ability of the Dallas woman to put her best self forward every single day, no matter what that means on an individual basis. This drive and commitment to style sets us apart from the crowd. I feel as though Dallas knows how to celebrate life as a special occasion.


The holidays are right around the corner...any local must-have items on your shopping list?

Some of my favorite places to hunt for awesome gifts include Dolly PythonSwoozie'sAccentsNUVO, and St. Michael's Woman's Exchange.

Seriously, between these five (admittedly very different) places, you can put together a rock star gift closet to cover anyone and everyone on your list.

When it comes to outfitting myself, I'm in love with Belk at Galleria Dallas and a new mobile jewelry boutique called The Silver Soul



If you could have dinner with any local DFW woman, who would it be?

This holiday season, I look forward to reconnecting with old friends and family members that I don't get to see nearly as often as I would wish. As such, my dream dinner would include may fabulous females in my life that lead busy lives, much like myself, miraculously available to gather around a table for a rare night of food, fun, and plenty of wine.


Any last words, pieces of wisdom for our DFW beauties?

No matter how hard you look, you're not going to find confidence, achievement, or fulfillment in the mirror. Your beauty routine should prepare you for the day ahead, not take over your life completely.