DFW Beauty Guide: Men's Hair Trend - The Undercut

One trend in men’s hair you simply can’t get away from is the undercut. While celebrities such as David Beckham and Brad Pitt have been sporting the undercut as of late, the fall 2014 and spring 2015 runways seem to be adjusting their hair game to fit the every-man.

While closely buzzed sides and five inches of hair on top may be just a little too dramatic for non-celebs, a sharp, stylish crop that hovers somewhere between an undercut and a crew cut is doable for all. This under-crew cut, as I’ll refer to it, was well represented on the spring 2015 runways from Calvin Klein to Dsquared2. Sure it’s only early fall now, but it’s never too early to get a jumpstart on next season’s trends.

For those who can’t yet differentiate between the two haircuts, the crew cut has a smoother transition from the longer hair on top, to the shorter, tapered hair on the nape of the neck. On the other hand, the undercut - or hipster haircut – has at least two to six inches of hair on top, which quickly transitions to much shorter hair on the sides and back of the head with no fading. Undercuts are perfectly suited for men with thick, coarse hair.

If you’re interested in the drama of the undercut but not yet sure if you can fully commit to the look, begin with this under-crew cut. Stylists affirm that all face shapes can pull off a tailored crew cut, while those with oval faces should exercise caution when going for a full undercut. Future undercut-ers should be aware that undercuts require a little more work than crew cuts, but only on the top.

To master the look, use a bit of pomade to give some structure to these longer hairs, especially if you have thin hair to begin with. Finally, when you’re in the barber’s chair, be sure to inform him of any cowlicks. This will help your barber avoid cutting that hair too short in these places.

Some barbershops to try in the DFW area:

Volver Dallas

The Kings Club

The Stars Barber

The Gents Place

Brass Tacks Barbershop

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