DFW Beauty Product: HYDRATE MI PAIRING {Pairing No°1}

miyu beauty - wedding gift

Once in a blue moon there comes a product so luxurious you don't want to share the details to anyone else, but since we're your beauty bestie we will just have to. 

Miyu beauty is a revolutionary product that not only works on the outside, but also from within. Trust us when we say, this product, not only looks divine, smells, and feels luxe too! 

It just so happens to also be the perfect wedding gift to the much deserving bride.

We were recently sent "HYDRATE MI PAIRING {Pairing No°1}" and we can testify that this product not only left us with supple hydrated skin it had us glowing.

VIsit the MIYU Beauty website for more information on this luxury skin care line and to make your own purchase. Read below for more details on the: HYDRATE MI PAIRING {Pairing No°1}


This revolutionary beauty essence fuses the freshness of a facial mist with the rich nutrients of a serum, while imparting instant hydration to the skin.  Our light and fruity tea blend is made from green rooibos, goji berries, rose petals and snow pear essence.  When paired together, this dynamic duo offers an irresistible way to hydrate parched complexions.  Includes a nifty little drawstring bag for makeup, skincare essentials, jewelry or anything in between.

You’ll love it if:
you do not drink enough water, consume too many caffeinated beverages, travel frequently, live in dry climates or just naturally have parched skin.

What it does:
hydrate mi beauty essence:  Wild pansies work to improve aquaporin activity, your skin’s natural water transport system, effectively boosting hydration by 20% in 28 days.  Sodium hyaluronate binds up to 1000x its own water weight, attracting much needed water to the skin.  Signs of thirsty skin disappear, leaving skin dew-kissed.

hydrate mi beauty tea:  Green rooibos contains nine types of flavonoids to ward off age-accelerating free radicals and essential electrolytes to help hydrate from within.  Goji berries deliver a healthy dose of Vitamin C, necessary for collagen production.

how to use:

hydrate mi beauty essence:  Shake before use.  Close eyes, mist onto face and gently press the beauty essence into skin before applying moisturizer.

hydrate mi beauty tea:  Boil filtered water, then let it cool to 85°C or 185°F.  Steep the hydrate mi beauty tea sachet for 4-6 minutes.  Breathe in the lovely snow pear aroma and sip slowly to enjoy a little ‘mi’ time…  


HYDRATE MI BEAUTY ESSENCE:  green tea, white peony, pearl 

hydrate mi botanicals: 
•    wild pansy: promotes more effective water transport throughout the 
     different layers of the skin, thereby improving skin hydration
•    rose: imparts soothing and softening properties to the skin 
•    goji berries: this superfruit is brimming with antioxidants, most 
     notably collagen-enhancing Vitamin C
•    mangosteen: known as the “queen of fruits”, this Asian fruit is loaded 
     with age-defying antioxidants

•    green rooibos:  contains nine types of flavonoids that aggressively 
     fight free radicals so that complexions will look younger, longer
•    goji berries: naturally rich in vitamin C, necessary to promote 
     collagen production to help keep skin smooth
•    rose petals: used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries 
     to improve circulation and soothe from within