DFW Beauty Bombshell: Kirsten Blowers



Name & Age: 

Kirsten Blowers Stuckey, 27


Owner, Creative Director, and Head Buyer for Riffraff Dallas, Riffraff Fayetteville, and ShopRiffraff.com.

A little background:

As a creative person, I have always looked for outlets for my creativity. Growing up I would feel depressed and deprived if I was not being creative. As it turns out, there must have been some deep desire for me to create a business, a company, a brand, more than anything else. Five short years ago I started Riffraff, a home decor and gift store, with $100. I've grown the brand (with the help and support of a whole bunch of super creative, hard-working, and driven friends, family, and co-workers) to encompass our original storefront, Riffraff Fayetteville in Arkansas, ShopRiffRaff.com , and just this fall-- Riffraff Dallas!  Starting out as a showroom for my Interior Design talents, Riffraff quickly evolved to carry only the best trends for women which includes affordable clothing, jewelry, and shoes as well as one of the most followed boutiques on social media.We all spend so much time working, I figured the least I could do is really enjoy my career so I made Riffraff into what I wanted it to be. I love the challenges, the freedoms and learning new things on a daily basis. I love it so much that I've decided I’m gonna be here for a while.

What's behind the unique name, Riffraff? 

I created Riffraff while I was a senior in College as a way to express my creativity through refurbished and colorful home decor. It quickly grew to must-have gifts, colorful statement necklaces, and trend forward clothing. Riffraff is old English for Rubbish... which was the play on our original inventory. Plus, it's got a ring to it!

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Okay, tell us, what's your fav thing to do in the DFW?  

Eat! My husband and I are food lovers! But more than that, it's about the atmosphere of the restaurant than the actual food itself for us. DFW has some really quirky and adorable restaurants that I fall in love with with each visit.

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Beauty regimens? Sleep (that I don't NEARLY get enough of), and Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate! But really... sleep. Let's bottle that up!

Beauty tips for living in DFW? 

Deep down I'm an old-fashioned southern girl who loves a high ponytail-- especially in the DFW heat! I've also heard sunscreen is something I should really get down with. I think that'll be on my New Year's resolutions for 2015!

Any must-have DFW beauty brands or beauty related service? 

My absolutely perfect hairstylist (and sister-in-law, how lucky am I?!) Kelly Stuckey, introduced me to Drybar here in Dallas. I've become borderline obsessed with the Highland park Drybar and Blushington! What perfect neighbors! I recently signed up for their Debutante membership which is pure genius.

Okay, random question, what's your next trip to, what are you packing and who are you taking? 

York with the Hubs! We love to travel but have yet to hit up the City-That-Never-Sleeps together! I'll be packing heat with lots of chunky knit layers! My current favs: East Village, Knit It Don't Quit It, and the Crossroads Sweater all from ShopRiffraff.com. Our Penthouse Pump and Teague Bootie will also be in tow!

If you could have dinner with any local DFW woman, who would it be? Why? 

Gosh, what a great question! I would love to sit down over drinks (and dessert) with Lauren Scruggs of lolomag.com. We're both 20-something girls, who would have so much to gossip about from weddings to travel and all the fun fashion in between, but more importantly she's such an inspiration for so many girls our age and I would appreciate the time to learn more of where her adventure is taking her in life. I love watching where God is guiding her spirit to help and empower others. She's awesome.