DFW Beauty Guide: Contouring 101

Last week, we discussed the concept of highlighting. Today we’re going to cover some contouring tips.

It's important to know that dark colors create shadows and definition to shape. Dark colors sculpt your face. Use dark matte 
shades in the hairline, under the cheekbones, sides of the nose, and jaw line. 

As with highlighting, it's also important to remember to contour according to your face shape. (See our post on highlighting 101 for face shape guide).

It is also important to blend so no harsh lines are visible. Blend blend blend!

Below are a few of my favorite products for optimum contouring. Be sure to share with us your favorite products too, we'd love to hear your feedback and questions too.

dfw beauty guide - contour guide
LIZ OUTH Contributing Beauty Editor


Contributing Beauty Editor