DFW Beauty Style: 4 Spring Trends You Can Wear This Fall

It’s that time of year where we transition and put away our spring wear to make room for our fall clothing, but don’t put them away just yet.

There are some spring/summer trends carrying over into fall!

So instead of heading straight to the racks and opening your wallets, let’s head straight to our closets and start building our fall wardrobe there.


Using Your Sheer Garments for Layering

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Sheer is a trend that we all love and it’s very convenient for the HOT Dallas - Ft. Worth weather. It can also be used as a great layering piece. It helps you bring more dimension and texture to your look because it allows every layer to be visible.

Look for creative ways to use your sheer pieces for layering!


Pastels are Here to Stay 

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We ALL love these soft colors for spring/summer and luckily we won’t have to part ways with them anytime soon. Pastels are a very wearable trend that many of us already have in our closet. Some pieces may need more layering for colder months, but still easily transitional. 


Crop Tops for Days 

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Crop tops are easily one my favorite types of shirts. They are so versatile!

These are an essential in my closet because they can be paired with loose fitting high-waisted pants (another favorite of mine), which are SO comfortable.

You can make these tops work for your style during ANY season. In the fall, since it’s a bit cooler, you’ll probably want your midriff covered, so high-waisted bottoms are the way to go, and of course, you can put any jacket or blazer (cropped or normal) over this look with your choice or pump or bootie. 


The Midi

Pull out your favorite midi because it’s a staple this season DFW Beauties!

The midi skirt, in my opinion, is like the holy grail of skirts. It is very wearable for your everyday life and it’s appropriate for many occasions. This skirt is for the girl who doesn’t really like short skirts but still wants to have her “leg moment”.

It’s a super easy trend to try if you haven’t already.

Just pull out your favorite sweater and cute pair of booties and you’re all set!

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Don’t be afraid to mix it up dolls, try pairing some of these fall trends and share your favorite look with us on Instagram using the hashtag #DFWbeautyguide