DFW Beauty Guide: Meet Samantha & Alexis

We'd like to introduce you to Samantha and Alexis of Double Dose Fitness and Perfectly Portioned Meals. This dynamic duo are all about eating clean and training mean.

Our DFW beauties are in luck, because they are our newest contributors. Look out for great content on health, fitness and nutrition every Tuesday, right here on the DFW Beauty Blog and other platforms!


Our names are Samantha and Alexis. We are identical twins (although some people think we don’t look that similar; go figure). We have a HUGE passion for fitness, health and nutrition, especially Mediterranean food!

We moved to the Dallas area a little over a year ago from Austin, where we graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with degrees in Management Information Systems. We both worked for Ernst & Young; Samantha doing work in fraud investigation, and Alexis working as an IT auditor.

We recently left our corporate jobs to pursue what we LOVE. Our philosophy is all about living a healthy lifestyle, and making small changes to get to your ultimate goal, AND maintaining it. We are both certified personal trainers who go to the client’s home or apartment gym to train. We really enjoy getting to both interact with our clients and help them meet their fitness goals. 

As girls, we know how intimidating the gym can feel. You walk in, you’re the only girl in the weight area, and you aren’t sure what you’re supposed to do with those metal objects sitting there. You’re constantly thinking, “Am I doing it right? Do I look stupid?” Having experienced all of that, and having the same goals most girls do—getting that “toned,” healthy look, we can definitely relate and help accomplish those goals. 

We recently launched a healthy, prepared meal delivery business, Perfectly Portioned. We can’t express how important what you put in your body affects how you look and feel. For this reason, we both prepared our meals for work every week. Was it something we looked forward to doing? Absolutely not. However, we had goals in our mind, so having those meals ready to take to work with us each week was a lifesaver. We would get asked numerous times if we would make meals for our co-workers, to which we kindly smiled and declined since there was barely enough time to make ours. This sparked the idea for us to open a business that delivers anywhere from five to twenty portioned meals to clients each week. Clients simply place their order online, the meals are then prepared in a licensed kitchen, and delivered to the clients on Sunday afternoon or evening for the week ahead.

We love having the ability to get up each morning living our dreams and passions, but more importantly, getting to share this with others and help them become the best version of themselves!

You can keep up with us through the DFW Beauty Guide instagram account or our personal instagram accounts: @samanthabfitness and @texantonedtwin!


Samantha & Alexis