DFW Beauty Bombshell: Leah Frazier

Name & Age:

Leah Frazier – 31 


Attorney, Stylist/Personal Shopper, Fashion Writer/Blogger 

A little background:

I’m a “Jill of all Trades” I guess you can say. I'm an attorney by day and a fashion stylist and writer by night. While I love being an attorney, I'm working days and nights to transition into fashion full-time. I own my own styling and personal shopping company, Diamond Icon Image and Styling Consultants where I do everything from private personal shopping to styling to closet and wardrobe organization. While this company initially started out as a passion project, it has grown into a great business over the last 4 years. I've been able to meet many great women and transform their inner and outer beings into the beautiful women that they already were--they just needed that extra added boost to get them there. I am also a contributing fashion writer to many media outlets here in DFW: DFW Style Daily, Examiner.com, CBS Local and AskMissA.com. In addition to these, I also write consistently on my own personal blog, Beauty4Ashes, where I get to really disclose my personality and highlight all of the things about DFW and my life that people may or may not know.

I'm huge on giving back to the community and have done so tremendously through my involvement with the Dallas Bar Association, Texas A&M School of Law alumni board, Covenant Church ministry initiatives and the many fashion panels and presentations that I host throughout the year. I'm excited about continuing my involvement in the DFW Fashion and Beauty industries and I can't wait to see where the next few years are headed.

Last but not least, I love spending time with my family. I know I'm notorious for being busy and having "the calendar", but any time spent with my mother, sisters, brother and my incredible nephews is a blessing and makes me smile. 

Beauty regimens and tips? 

I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin so believe me when I say that I have tried most of everything on the market. As a daily regimen, I use the soy facial cleanser by Fresh. It’s super light, natural and extra gentle for my sensitive skin. I then follow-up with toner and SPF moisturizers by Neutrogena. Once a week, I make sure to exfoliate. My absolute favorite product is the Orogold 24K Gold Facial Peel. It is incredible! It has 24K gold flakes inside that help with really scraping the dead skin and really cleansing the pores. I follow this up with the Orogold Moisturizing Lotion.

As for make-up, I'm a simple and natural girl. I don't need to do the Kim Kardashian smoky eye and contouring. Less is definitely more in my case. If I do have to glam it up, I stand by my MakeUp Forever HD Foundation. It is the lightest foundation on the market.  Don't believe me? Try it! For blush, it depends. If I'm going out, I definitely recommend MakeUp Forever's HD Blush. It goes on light but the pigments compliment all skin tones and show up great in photos. If it's just a casual day for me, my Mally Beauty  "Shimmer, Shape and Glow" kit is what I use. This 3-in-1 kit has my blush, highlighter and contour products all in one case. This is always a lifesaver for me if I'm in a rush. For eye shadow, you can't go wrong with any of the Urban Decay naked palettes. You can create an endless amount of eye options from natural to exotic, all from one palette...it's been my top pick for the last 3 years! Lastly, for lips, I'm truly digging local brand Piermarini Beauty's lip glosses and Jouer Cosmetics Lip tint.

What are your fav DFW beauty brands or beauty related services? 

I absolutely love lip glosses and lipsticks. If I wake up and go outside completely sans makeup, I will at least have on some sort of lip gloss or tint. Right now, I’m completely obsessed with Piermarini Beauty’s lip balm and lip glosses. They don’t go on super thick and my lips remain moisturized all day—not to mention they smell phenomenal!

What makes the DFW so special? 

DFW is special to me personally because I was born and raised here. Having traveled the world and lived in both New York and Los Angeles, I’ve been exposed to many different types of people, places and social settings. Despite it all, I always come back home. Everything from the people to the food is incredible. DFW is definitely a metroplex of opportunity. I was living in Houston years ago trying to get my business off the ground but as soon as I got back to Dallas, my business took off. Not to mention I had so many incredible people who rallied in my corner and wanted to see me succeed in fashion.

As for its mark in fashion, DFW is special in its own right. I constantly tell people that Dallas ranks high in the industry alongside New York and L.A. We have a tremendous amount of designer talent here and most importantly, people who love to spend money on looking good. I was just recently at New York Fashion Week where I was told by a New York fashion insider that "Dallas wasn't $@it" when it came to fashion and that I should move to New York. Well, I'm dead set on proving her wrong...and if I can remember correctly, Karl Lagerfeld came to Dallas last year in December...not New York right? That's exactly what I thought.

If you could have dinner with any local DFW woman, who would it be? Why? 

I would absolutely love to have dinner with local radio DJ, DeDe McGuire. She is so talented, funny and most importantly a fellow tall girl who is comfortable in her skin and incredibly beautiful. She's actively involved in the Dallas community and is a true pioneer as one of the top women to host a radio show in a male dominated industry. I feed off of energy of other women who are taking charge and empowering other individual so I would love to have a sit down with her one of these days.

Any last words or pieces of wisdom for DFW Beauties?

Be authentic and do what works best for you. In the beauty realm this means:

if CoverGirl is your cup of tea and not Tom Ford, then so be it. Rock it and do it fabulously!

As for life, this is my motto and I truly believe that this is why I continuously gravitate towards the right people and right opportunities. I'm authentic in my passions and I believe it shows through my writing, my businesses and my relationships. With blogging, it's so easy to try to imitate and do what others are doing to get ahead. Unfortunately, when there's so many other people doing that "same thing", you're only falling victim to the trend. Be you and just let your own light shine--everything will fall into place. Trust in that.